refurbished phones


refurbished phones

Some used smartphone retailers have an evaluation system that allows potential buyers to know what level of quality they can expect from the phone. Although they vary from one trader to another, here is a general description of what you can expect:

Grade A

The phone is in a visibly flawless condition with no marks, scratches or marks on the outer case. It will come in its original box and (most likely) with all its original accessories. It’s the closest thing to buying new and it will cost more to reflect it

refurbished phones

Grade B

The helmet is used visibly, but any damage is purely aesthetic (so there are no cracks in the screen or broken buttons). He will always come in his original box and will probably have the original accessories. It could cost between £ 10 and £ 30 cheaper than a class A phone of the same model.

Grade C

Its wear will be heavier than that of a grade B unit, but it will still be in perfect working order. Again, it means an intact screen. You cannot get it in the original box and possibly not have the accessories that accompany it. It will probably be between £ 10 and £ 30 cheaper than a Grade B version of the same device.

‘By parts’ or ‘broken’

apple parts store uk

You will see many on online auction sites like eBay; Needless to say, but they should probably be avoided. Any phone that does not work as expected cannot be qualified and most people will simply try to sell them to third parties or someone willing to spend time and money to restore them.

Even with these qualifications in mind, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying with used or refurbished phones. Look for additional details in the list of products to understand the details of any problems that a phone may have.

refurbished phones

What kind of guarantee will I receive?

One of the great benefits of purchasing a new phone, either directly or through a contract, is that you get the standard warranty from the manufacturer and retailer. When you buy a second hand or get repaired, things can work a little differently.

If you buy prepackaged or used at a retailer.

If you buy a used phone or restore it at a retailer (such as Apple or CeX), your consumer rights are very similar to those of a new phone.

You benefit from any type of standard warranty offered by the retailer, as well as the basic protection of the Consumer Rights Act of 2015. You have 30 days to refuse if the phone does not match the description, if it is suitable for that purpose or if it is of satisfactory quality. If you discover a fault during the first six months, it is up to the retailer to prove that it was not at the point of sale.

refurbished phones

It may also be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. For example, if you buy a Samsung 2017 phone with a two-year warranty, you’ll be covered until 2019, even if it’s your second owner. The manufacturer’s warranties are not renewed when the item changes hands.

If you buy used from a private seller.

Buying from a private seller (like eBay, for example) leaves you less protected. The manufacturer’s warranty always applies, as stated above, but your rights as a consumer are slightly different.

The item you receive must remain the one described by the seller; therefore, a phone that appears as “new”, for example, must be really unused. The seller does not have to disclose the defects, but he is also not allowed to misrepresent them. This creates a thin line: a phone that does not turn on cannot appear as “running”, but it does not have to be in the “do not work” list. Always be sure to ask the seller if you have any questions.

As the Consumer Rights Act 2015 does not protect you, the six-month response time does not apply.

Where can I buy a used phone?

 used phone

There are many ways to get a good price on your next phone without taking risks or compromising quality. Here are some of our best options to consider before making a purchase:


Cellar phone





Samsung Outlet

In addition, most major UK networks will also have agreements with renewed phones, although this is linked to a contract with this network.

What problems should I consider when buying a used mobile phone?

refurbished phones

Even with the best of intentions, things can go wrong when you buy something secondhand. Here is a list of the most common issues to consider:

Insufficient battery life: smartphone batteries have a remarkably short life span. Unless the used unit you buy has a new battery, it is unlikely to have a maximum life, even if it is in perfect working order.

Defective Charging Port: There are not many points of wear on a smartphone, but the charge port is often the first to disappear. Do not be surprised if the connection may be questionable and be sure to clean it to remove lint and dirt that may have accumulated.

used mobile phone

Defective Buttons: The only physical parts that move on a smartphone (things like the volume control on a Galaxy S device or the start button on older iPhones) lose that sharp, fast feel after a while. Although this is a pity, it can become a real problem if these buttons stop working completely.

Missing Accessories: Be sure to check with the retailer or retailer that the headset you are looking at is supplied with a charging cable, AC adapter, and other accessories that are normally supplied, such as headphones. If you have managed to accumulate cables over the years, this may not be so important. In addition, the idea of using another person’s in-ear hearing aids is not the most appealing.

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Fans of crypt currencies give importance to privacy. They are cautious of governments. They are paranoid about possible hacks.

For example, users of the cryptocurrency were not impressed when Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency commercial market, joined former members of a notorious spyware company that sold hackers. Oppressive regimes Now some users are fleeing. “#DeleteCoinbase before they erase you,” wrote @btc on Friday, one of the main bitcoin accounts on Twitter.

“It’s not that I’m the biggest client of @ coinbase, but I’m tired of that,” another user wrote in a screenshot of his deleted account.

It is assumed that Coinbase facilitates crypts currency. The company allows users to buy and sell virtual money from an elegant smartphone interface, avoiding, in theory, the scams that damage the cryptographic scene. But Coinbase users said the company had invited the grifters to join after acquiring the Neutrino analysis firm last month. Neutrino executives are former leaders of Hacking Team, an accredited surveillance company that sells piracy services to law enforcement authorities, corporations and governments seeking to end dissent.


“The bitcoin community has always been very close to Internet freedom movements like WikiLeaks, and Hacking Team represents the dark side of technology, used to restrict freedoms instead of liberating humanity,” said Francis Pouliot. , Bitcoin Evangelist, in the Daily Beast. “The piracy team and the neutrino monitor are some of the natural enemies of bitcoin users.”

Coinbase and Neutrino publicly announced their merger last month. “Neutrino will help prevent the theft of money from people’s accounts, investigate ransomware attacks and identify bad actors,” Coinbase said in his announcement. “It will also help us offer more crypto-currencies and features to more people while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.” Neutrino’s leaders would know all about the attacks; They have dominated them for decades, Breaker Mag reported for the first time.

In 2001, two Neutrino officials, Alberto Ornaghi and Marco Valleri, developed a hacking program so powerful that the Italian police asked them to create spyware that would allow them to spy Skype calls without being detected. The espionage contract was the beginning of what would become the Hacking Team, a leading marketing company with terrifying power.


The company’s spyware allows governments to access computers and telephones remotely from their targets, sometimes for violent purposes. In 2012, the piracy team hid the e-mail of pro-democracy journalist Ahmed Mansoor in the United Arab Emirates, Motherboard reported. The phishing attack was part of a sustained effort to break Mansoor’s phone, which resulted in his arrest for “computer crime” in 2017, for which he is serving a 10-year prison sentence.

In 2014, Hacking Team signed contracts with millions of dollars in Latin America, and Mexican officials apparently use the software to target journalists, academics and political rivals. In 2015, Hacking Team had a glimpse of their own tools when hackers attacked them and blew up internal communications. (It was revealed that the company had used weak passwords, such as “P4ssword”). The documents revealed that Hacking Team had sold its services to the governments of Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Turkey. The Saudi government group accused of killing Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi has reportedly been working with Hacking Team.


The leaked documents revealed that the leaders of the piracy team had rejected the human rights concerns raised by some of their government clients. “I have a question for all of you: PLEASE NAME a truly” democratic “country, a country that does not violate the rights of anyone and has a TOTALLY pure record of human rights,” wrote an electronic letter to his colleagues, David Vincenzetti.

Some crypto-evangelists describe alternative money as a way to avoid the long arm of government. Most cryptocurrency transactions are publicly registered, but without the owner’s name and unrelated to a bank account. The powerful privacy-aware cryptography community seems to be an unlikely focus for former piracy equipment leaders.

But at least three neutrino leaders (Ornaghi, Valleri, and General Manager Giancarlo Russo) were leaders or early members of the piracy team.

The revelation caused some Coinbase users to flee, Twitter users published information about the exodus under the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase.

Related in technology


A series of missed responses from Coinbase could have made the situation worse. When contacted by Breaker Mag last week, the company stated “that I was aware that the Neutrino co-founders previously worked for Hacking Team, which we examined as part of our security, technical and contracting, Coinbase does not tolerate or defend the actions of Hacking Team. ”

At the same time, a Coinbase CEO assured customers that the acquisition of Neutrino was necessary to replace another company that “sold customer data to external sources.” The implication that data from Coinbase users were now on the market was causing panic. (Coinbase told the Daily Beast that the comment “was taken out of context” and that they would never have shared personally identifiable information with other companies).


The reaction continued to arrive and users of Coinbase continued. Late in the evening, from Monday to Monday, Coinbase issued another statement in which it criticized the hiring to rent “a gap in our due diligence process”.

Former members of the piracy team would no longer work with Coinbase, the company said. But Neutrino remains in Coinbase, where he will be responsible for protecting the privacy of users.

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Refurbished Samsung phones


refurbished samsung phones uk

Just a month before Samsung presents the Samsung Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress, leaks are spreading fast. This is what we know so far:


The news is not as good in terms of price. Thanks to Apple, other manufacturers feel comfortable raising the price of flagship phones. The S9 will sell between 950,000 and 999,000 won in Korea, which equates to between 895 and 935 dollars, 100 more than the S8.

refurbished samsung phones uk


Rumor has it that although Samsung is running some new features of the S9, the phone itself will have very little technology. Instead, we are facing a slight improvement from year to year and we will not see anything that looks like a jump in the style of the Apple iPhone X.


refurbished samsung phones uk

According to rumors, one of the key new features will be a super slow camera. The S9 + will probably get double lenses to differentiate the Plus model from the S9 standard. Reports indicate that the camera will record 1080p video with frame rates of up to 480 frames per second.


Another new feature is biometric authentication on the phone. It is likely that Samsung incorporates both a facial scanner and a fingerprint scanner. We do not know if the phone will be compatible with scanning the fingerprints of the screen.

There is no doubt that the S9 will sell well, even as a gradual upgrade, but Samsung should begin to show adequate differentiation if it intends to increase its market share.

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Refurbished apple iMac UK

It’s worth buying used desktop computers like certified refurbished computers

Refurbished iMac UK

One can never fail to see the importance of desktop computers on laptops and laptops. Despite the fact that computers are bulky and immovable, they are widely used throughout the world and are extremely reliable devices for work at home or in the office. There are several types and forms of desks, such as vertical cabinet style or small compressed style. There is also a wide variety of monitors available in the market, ranging from bulky and heavy CRT models to slim and elegant LCDs.

Nowadays, due to the lack of space, models of horizontal computer cabinets have also been invented, in which the monitor is placed on the processor. This last solution saves a lot of space and, therefore, is used purposely in offices, where the enormous problem of space is considerable. These days, there is a great demand for all-in-one computer cases, which also support viewing in the same cabinet. Apple, which has manufactured several types of models of this type, is Apple, which offers huge types of desktop computers all in one. It can be said that the demand for these cabinets is such that customers often even opt for the used desks or the aforementioned company that will be installed in their offices.

Refurbished iMac UK

One can easily and commonly update the features of desktop computers compared to laptops. Desktop computers are often located in expandable locations, providing more flexibility to add devices and accessories to meet individual needs and options. This makes even your used desktop computers easily scalable and economically efficient. Even if the person buys a used computer, he can easily update the system using various accessories and software. One of the main advantages of desktop computers compared to laptops is that they consume energy at low rates. This makes them easier to use today, taking into account the growing environmental concerns and, therefore, the growing demand for used desktops.

Refurbished iMac UK

Used computers are really a good option for people who have a lean portfolio and for those who do not spend a lot of money. As we all know, the current generation is an IT expert and is almost always attached to the systems screen. One of the main benefits of buying a used computer is that it offers a reasonable possibility of having a system in which all the relevant hardware and software is installed. This would give the client a life without tension or stress. Many companies that make desktop computers have also developed microprocessors that consume less electricity and, therefore, emit less heat.

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Refurbished mobiles Phones at Lowest Price


Refurbished mobiles Phones at Lowest Price

According to the latest research of the Refurbished smartphone tracker from Counterpoint, the global market for smartphones has increased by 15% in 2018, reaching almost 140 million units. This contrasted with the global market for new smartphones, which grew by only 3% last year (see here), surpassing the “second life” smartphones renewed.

Refurbished smartphones are smart phones that are collected, rejuvenated or repaired for resale in the market. Only 25% of all used phones are resold in the market. Of these, only some are renewed. The result is that there are many types of reconditioned devices that attract different prices according to the available quantity and the demand of a specific model or variant (color, memory, etc.).

Refurbished mobiles Phones at Lowest Price

Commenting on this important trend, Tom Kang, director of research, said: “With 13% growth, Refurbished smart phones now account for almost 10% of the total global smartphone market.” The weak growth of the new mobile phone market smartphones in 2017 can be partially attributed to the growth of the renewal market. The slowdown in innovation has made the two-year flagship smartphones comparable in design and functionality to the latest mid-range phones. Mid-range low-end range for new smartphones is being cannibalized by refurbished high-end phones, mainly Apple iPhones and, to a lesser extent, Samsung Galaxy smartphones. “

The dominance of Apple and Samsung is more evident in the home improvement market than in the new smartphone market. The two combined brands represent almost three-quarters of the Refurbished smartphone market, with Apple largely ahead. In terms of revenue, domination continues to rise, as the two smartphone giants control more than 80% of the revenue in the Refurbished smartphone market. Peter Richardson, Director of Research, commented on these results:

Refurbished mobiles Phones at Lowest Price

“It is surprising to many that the fastest growing smartphone market in 2017 was not India or any other emerging market, but the market for Renewal. Smartphones in play, we believe that the new device market will slow down again in 2018. “

Richardson added: “The regions with the largest volume include the United States and Europe, the most dynamic renewal markets are Africa, Southeast Asia and India, all of which have witnessed the initiatives of the main operators (Verizon, Vodafone, etc.). .), OEM (Apple, for example) and large retailers (Brightstar, for example) that add services throughout the life cycle. The industry uses data analysis to predict the future resale values of the devices, this means that consumers can obtain a guaranteed cash value at different points of their property, which helps consumers to manage the high cost of the latest flagship smartphones, or at least obtain a useful contribution to partially offset the cost of your next phone.

Refurbished mobiles Phones at Lowest Price

Richardson continues: “This is a booming market that allows multiple stakeholders to maximize the lifetime value of a mobile device.” For many industry players, the profit margin of a used device exceeds that of a new device. It is positive to maximize the use of valuable resources, so that many stakeholders consider renewal devices to be “green.” This is true, but it also contributes to consumer confidence in many markets.In general, we expect this trend to continue. Accelerating. “

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refurbished phones uk


refurbished phones uk

An iPhone is absolutely the most exquisite smartphone on the market and we all know that a new iPhone is very expensive for most people. In addition, Apple will launch a new generation of iPhone every year and the difference between these models is really such, meaning that most of the model is ideal for the average user. If you have a small budget, it can be difficult to get a new one, but if you can commit and opt for a Refurbished iPhone from a relatively old model, such as apple iPhone 6 or even iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s, the perfect alternative.

refurbished phones uk

Buying this type of phone should be an easy and smart option, because once you get the phone, you will see that it is almost as good as a new one, both in terms of features and prospects. And you will save a lot of money. Of that If you decide to buy a Refurbished iPhone 6, the best reliable way is to do it through an Apple certified manufacturer or reseller, but they are still very expensive and the model you can get is limited. Therefore, the most common way is to go through an online retailer. Of course, you can search on eBay and it will take a long time and, sometimes, it is very difficult to say what the credibility is, or you can simply buy one on It is a reliable and experienced retailer that provides the best quality rating. A Refurbished machine of the iPhone 6 / 5c / 5s. All the product you get will come with all the accessories and a one year warranty and the price will be half of a new one or even less.

In fact, a Refurbished model is easy to understand, you can simply get it from the “Refurbished ” concept, that is, the renewal of the iPhone, but the sources of materials make it worthy or not. Do not. There are two main sources, one is the faculty of the iPhone that has been sent back to the manufacturer, such as Apple or another retailer approved by Apple, and another source is the iPhone sold. The defective ones are not the main source and this is not usually cheap. Therefore, most of the renewed iPhone will come from sold phones and this is the most reliable. The second source can take many forms. If you already have an iPhone or smartphone, you will know how easy it is to damage them, you can repair it, but if it is irreparable, you can throw it away or do it. By selling extra money, you can buy a new one. Sometimes it gets old and you update a new model, so you can sell your previous model. But you would like to avoid a theft, and this phone can cause you serious problems.

refurbished phones uk

No matter where a Refurbished iPhone, a manufacturer or a third party comes from, they can use different methods or different materials, but the result will be the same: it will make sure that the device works and looks new. In other words, it is very difficult to distinguish the difference when you choose one, but there are clear criteria for the perspectives that can help you understand the difference. If there are no scratches, bumps or wear on the surface of a Refurbished machine and it looks like a new machine, we call it a class a product. There is a slight wear and tear, we call it regulation B, and however, if there are very scratches Obvious, we have found a rule C. In addition, there is a difference of around tens of dollars between these three products, which means that the classification of product A is the most expensive. Therefore, if you buy a Refurbished iPhone as a gift, you will probably want to buy a category a product.

An iPhone is a device that almost everyone wants, but a new iPhone is very expensive for most people. But that does not necessarily mean you cannot have one. Buying an unlocked and unlocked iPhone 6 could be the solution for you. These old models will satisfy the most common needs, such as calls, SMS, Internet and the use of all the wonderful applications.

In addition to buying an unlocked and unlocked iPhone 6, it is really a good way to own a high quality product and save a lot of money. We suggest you get one from Dhammatek.

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