Mark Zuckerberg announced the new vision of Facebook: draw the curtains. In other words, Facebook is trying to convert its public forums into private forums. The new Facebook plans to integrate its three networks (WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook as we know it) into a single social network. They plan to completely encrypt the message traffic so that even Facebook cannot read it.


These changes are due to the influx of negative publicity in the last two years, which has upset everything from the Cambridge Analytica scandal to the reckless exchange of personal data and the unscrupulous investigation of the opposition. But do not wait to close the curtains to change what the network is doing behind them.

The new Facebook network should be seen as a cross between Gmail, Slack, and Instagram: places where relatively personal and sensitive information is shared instead of conveying opinions and attracting subscribers. According to Zuckerberg, the focus will be on “private messages, ephemera, and small groups.” There will be space for celebrity chains and professional public spaces, but they will not be the norm and will be carefully monitored.

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Just a month before Samsung presents the Samsung Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress, leaks are spreading fast. This is what we know so far:


The news is not as good in terms of price. Thanks to Apple, other manufacturers feel comfortable raising the price of flagship phones. The S9 will sell between 950,000 and 999,000 won in Korea, which equates to between 895 and 935 dollars, 100 more than the S8.

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Rumor has it that although Samsung is running some new features of the S9, the phone itself will have very little technology. Instead, we are facing a slight improvement from year to year and we will not see anything that looks like a jump in the style of the Apple iPhone X.


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According to rumors, one of the key new features will be a super slow camera. The S9 + will probably get double lenses to differentiate the Plus model from the S9 standard. Reports indicate that the camera will record 1080p video with frame rates of up to 480 frames per second.


Another new feature is biometric authentication on the phone. It is likely that Samsung incorporates both a facial scanner and a fingerprint scanner. We do not know if the phone will be compatible with scanning the fingerprints of the screen.

There is no doubt that the S9 will sell well, even as a gradual upgrade, but Samsung should begin to show adequate differentiation if it intends to increase its market share.

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Some of the Google Play Store’s Android apps were so inefficient that they were detected as malware.

The tests revealed that two-thirds of the Android antivirus applications that appear in the Google Play store do not protect the devices.

Researchers at the Austrian AV-Comparatives antivirus testing company analyzed 250 applications claiming to offer enhanced security for Android smartphones and tablets.

Their results revealed that less than a third of them had managed to detect even 30% of the malicious applications launched in 2018, while 80 of the tested applications did not meet the most basic requirements of the company in terms of cybersecurity.

“Some of the Android security products in our test have blocked so few if any, malware samples in some cases, so they can not reasonably be described as anti-malware applications,” says one report on the results obtained.

The tests showed that some Google Play store apps were so inefficient that they detected themselves as malware.

Cybersecurity experts have consistently warned of the dangers of applications claiming to offer protection. Lucas Stefan, a malware researcher for Android, recently highlighted a large number of fraudulent apps with nearly a million downloads.

Despite the poor performance of most apps tested in the latest study, the researchers said that most of the 250 Android apps had a review score of four or more in the Google Play store.

The researchers advised Android users who wanted to install an effective antivirus app for their device, to ask them to pay attention to comments and downloads on Google Play.


“It is clear that the use of user ratings is not effective because the vast majority of users will only rate their ratings based on the user’s experience without knowing whether the app provides effective protection. falsified by the developers “they wrote.

“In the same way, the number of downloads can only be a very rough guide, a successful anti-fraud application can be downloaded several times before being discovered as a scam.

“For this reason, we recommend using only known, verified and reputable vendor applications.”

Applications that have worked well in testing include well-established brands such as Avast, AVG, F-Secure, Skyscraper, and McAfee.

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An iPhone is absolutely the most exquisite smartphone on the market and we all know that a new iPhone is very expensive for most people. In addition, Apple will launch a new generation of iPhone every year and the difference between these models is really such, meaning that most of the model is ideal for the average user. If you have a small budget, it can be difficult to get a new one, but if you can commit and opt for a Refurbished iPhone from a relatively old model, such as apple iPhone 6 or even iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s, the perfect alternative.

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In fact, a Refurbished model is easy to understand, you can simply get it from the “Refurbished ” concept, that is, the renewal of the iPhone, but the sources of materials make it worthy or not. Do not. There are two main sources, one is the faculty of the iPhone that has been sent back to the manufacturer, such as Apple or another retailer approved by Apple, and another source is the iPhone sold. The defective ones are not the main source and this is not usually cheap. Therefore, most of the renewed iPhone will come from sold phones and this is the most reliable. The second source can take many forms. If you already have an iPhone or smartphone, you will know how easy it is to damage them, you can repair it, but if it is irreparable, you can throw it away or do it. By selling extra money, you can buy a new one. Sometimes it gets old and you update a new model, so you can sell your previous model. But you would like to avoid a theft, and this phone can cause you serious problems.

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No matter where a Refurbished iPhone, a manufacturer or a third party comes from, they can use different methods or different materials, but the result will be the same: it will make sure that the device works and looks new. In other words, it is very difficult to distinguish the difference when you choose one, but there are clear criteria for the perspectives that can help you understand the difference. If there are no scratches, bumps or wear on the surface of a Refurbished machine and it looks like a new machine, we call it a class a product. There is a slight wear and tear, we call it regulation B, and however, if there are very scratches Obvious, we have found a rule C. In addition, there is a difference of around tens of dollars between these three products, which means that the classification of product A is the most expensive. Therefore, if you buy a Refurbished iPhone as a gift, you will probably want to buy a category a product.

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