If you wanted to try President Trump’s tone in 2020, Make America Great Again Again, you’ll enjoy a smoking farrago Thursday in Grand Rapids: boasting, beef and red meat, with lies.

His claim party, his first meeting since the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s work, can only be held in abeyance by the thin cane of Barr’s letter and the misconception that it was totally, completely, completely, completely. Never and justified by Mueller and a man. At least 300 pages of the report that none of us has seen yet.

“Russia’s deception is finally dead.” The illusion of collusion is over, “he said, and now” Democrats must now decide whether they will continue to cheat the public with ridiculous and partisan questions or apologize to the American people. ”


After asking for “total exoneration” and “complete justification”, Trump turned to the vengeful character. He did not “shut up” at all, but made it clear that he was not going to claim victory, but rather to predict “big problems” for justice officials and the FBI that asked Mandates – approved by the judges – to monitor the members of your campaign. The guy who refused to release his taxes and openly asked the Russians to pirate his opponent wants to pretend that a report that does not accuse him means that he is now innocent of any crime.

“I won my case,” he says. “When you win something, you win.”

In fact, this last quote comes from R. Kelly, who complains about having to face new charges for crimes similar to those with which he had already escaped.

Back in the chair, he reminded us how he was always aware of his skin and his class:


“I have a better education than them, I’m smarter than them, I went to the best schools they did not know.” Much nicer house, much nicer apartment. Much more beautiful everything. And I am president, and they are not. ”

Yes, don We know that you are the president. Trust us, we realized.

We know he has a trophy woman, a castle in Florida and an apartment that seems to have been decorated by a Liberace prepared with a ton of gold leaf during his “Saddam was too small” phase. I have it.

While Trump had extremely exaggerated promises and boasted, as usual, of shorter deliveries, what impressed me was his incoherence on a large scale.

It looked like a series of message tests, with a red discussion group on the voters’ lid of Trump’s base under a microscope. Trump was largely in the blower, but he constantly sniffed the wind, looking for themes that resonated with the workpeople to cheer him up.

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