Samsung Galaxy S8

Earlier this month, we announced that an application had been installed on a Samsung Galaxy S8 screen in a store. This application called: All in One Gestures could reprogram the dedicated Bixby key to open another application like the camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Well, it seems that you cannot do it, according to a developer of flar2 recognized by XDA, who created Button Mapper, an application that would allow you to reassign a button, for example, the Bixby key of the S8.

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The developer states that the recent update of the TELUS variant of the S8 has eliminated the ability to intercept the action of pressing the button (based on the “Accessibility” service), so these types of applications depend on you to activate them. . Accessibility options before you can use them.

Life exploited the behavior at the level of the system. This behavior has been changed. I cannot say it will never happen, but we will not officially support it.

Philip Bern, head of public relations for Samsung in the United States, said: “We will not officially support” this reassignment feature.

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As an anonymous reviewer of the US S8 UU He also told XDA (after the previous interaction): the application is still running in an EE review unit. UU With updated software. Does this mean that Samsung is deliberately trying to close the hole to reuse the Bixby button for another application? Not apparently, but it can be quite possible.

It’s hard to talk about adding or removing features from a phone before the official release date, even here. It is possible that Samsung has been waiting to discuss this gap once Bixby Voice starts working, which will not happen before “later this spring”.

Many people hope that it is possible to reprogram the button of the new Samsung Bixby Assistant and their speeches can be read on Reddit. Who would have known that an extra button would cause so much agitation?

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