Their connected collars are part of a high-tech robotic milking system.

There is a lot of speculation about the impact of 5G on our daily lives,

from configuring autonomous cars to seemingly instantaneous downloads. But we could know what impact it will have on cows before most humans put it to the test. In southwestern England, 50 dairy cows now wear high-speed smart collars that control robotic milking systems. It is both a way to test the potential of 5G in agriculture and to unveil one of the rural network trials of Cisco Systems Inc.

More importantly, it is an opportunity to see how 5G can transmit data between sensors faster than a rural broadband connection. This seems simple enough: when a cow enters a milking parlor, its collar warns the machine to start firing. Of course, tracking animals with connected devices is not new, and we have seen many advanced technologies that are being introduced into agriculture. As in any other place, 5G simply promises to make these applications faster and easier.

Scott Rogowsky, host of Trivia HQ, leaves for the sports program

Now, host ChangeUp in DAZN while Matt Richards takes over his seat.

HQ Trivia has been broadcasting live on mobile devices for about a year and a half, and the events were usually organized by “maybe daddy” Scott Rogowsky. He has not been on the air in recent weeks and, as reported by TMZ for the first time today, it is because he left the seat after having occupied a new position of animator of a baseball transmission in the DAZN sports broadcast network. . Apparently, Rogowsky wanted to continue hosting the part-time headquarters, but the company refused to stay with him for the weekend games.

Former guest Matt Richards is now the usual host of prime time, and in a series of tweets, Rogowsky called ChangeUp “a great opportunity that I simply could not pass up”. A statement provided to TechCrunch stated:

“We continue to build an incredible company in HQ Trivia, which involves attracting hundreds of thousands of players each day to the platform, increasing the size of the award and attracting strong talent.” We have come a long way from Scott Rogowsky’s first test, and we are grateful for everything he did for the platform … We are starting to play in QG Trivia and when he made his decision he made a decision. to thank you for being part of our trip. “

The Juul pilot program could find retailers selling to teenage users

A person holds a Juul Labs Inc. e-cigarette in this arranged photograph taken in the Brooklyn Borough of New York, U.S., on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018. Altria Group’s plan to take a $12.8 billion stake in Juul Labs could be destroying value, Citigroup analysts write in a note downgrading the stock to a sell from neutral. Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The company could even use secret buyers to find intermediaries.

Juul has launched an experimental tracking and tracing program to curb adolescent vaping, perhaps to appease the FDA and other government agencies. The e-cig company is in the line of sight of the authorities since last year due to the popularity of its products among teenagers. After its acquisition by the parent company of Marlboro, the FDA appealed to Juul for statements that apparently contradicted its commitments to reduce teen vape. The pilot tracking and tracking program will help Juul position itself with retailers and other sources that sell their e-cigs to anyone under 21 years of age.

All the authorities have to do is publish a unique Juul tracking ID, essentially a serial number, through the new portal. According to TechCrunch, the company will open an investigation for each report and will apparently go so far as to speak with store owners to understand how a miner could buy them. There could be intermediaries older than 21 years, after all. In case a particular store becomes more and more suspicious, Juul could even use secret shoppers to understand what is happening.

Juul admits that the development and testing of technology is still in its infancy. For now, this is advertising on the Houston portal and the use of the city as a testing ground, although anyone, anywhere, can report an identification number.

Ashley Gould, executive director of the company, said:

"It is important to bear in mind that the pilot project is an opportunity for us to learn how technology works and to optimize it.It is not only at the retail level, it is a whole process in the supply chain to track this device and determine if all the they must scan it they do, and the software we have created to track this serial number from the supply chain to the retail store is working.The way to find out is when someone inserts the serial number and we see if we have all the necessary data to follow them. "

In mid-2018, Juul began developing a version of his e-cig connected to Bluetooth to block adolescent users. The company has promised to launch it this year, but the evolution of the development is not entirely clear. He also stopped selling flavored vaping pods at retail stores and eliminated his social media accounts in 2018 in response to criticism that he was targeting younger users.

This is the first real image of a black hole.

It is one of the most elusive images in the universe.

Yes, it happened. After years of using computer-generated images, scientists using the Event Horizon telescope have captured the first real image of a black hole. The snapshot of the supermassive black hole in the Messier 87 galaxy (about 55 million light-years away from the night) shows the “shadow” created by the event horizon that curves and sucks light. It also confirms that the black hole is really huge, with a mass of 6.5 billion times that of the Sun. As you can imagine, taking this picture was complicated: it required a global collaboration that was only possible recently.

This image required the connection of eight existing high-altitude telescopes, particularly in Chile and Antarctica, to achieve an angular resolution high enough to capture such a compact object (the event horizon is “only” 24.9 billion kilometers). Extreme distance This very long base interferometry technique also involved the synchronization of atomic clocks and even the use of the Earth’s rotation. The supercomputers of the Max Planck Institute and the Haystack Observatory at MIT had to combine “petabytes” of raw data from the telescopes.

It’s a blurry image, but it confirms what the theory of general relativity has been predicting for decades. It also promises to shed light on black holes. And that should theoretically improve. In the future, the Event Horizon telescope will have a “significantly higher” sensitivity when the Greenland telescope, the NOEMA IRAM observatory and the Kitt Peak telescopes join the network. This is an important milestone in astronomy, and from now on it will only improve.

SpaceX to help NASA’s first mission to redirect an asteroid

The takeoff is scheduled for 2021.

NASA chose SpaceX to participate in its first attempt to hijack an asteroid. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will be launched on a Falcon 9 rocket in June 2021 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its mission: to break a satellite in the small moon of the asteroid Didymos to make it fall from its orbit. What appears to be the plot of a Michael Bay movie could be NASA’s first line of defense against asteroids heading for Earth.

This is the practice at bat. But what is at stake is still high: a flaw could derail NASA’s “kinetic impact technique,” which will provide the crucial data that will guide its deployment against a real asteroid in a collision with Earth.

NASA plans to intercept Didymos when it is less than 11 million kilometers from our planet; in comparison, the Moon has 240,000 miles and the sun is 93 million kilometers. According to the DART website, the probe will not reach its target until October 2022, when it will enter the moon of Didymos at a speed of about 6,500 km / h (6 km / s).

The total cost of the mission is estimated at approximately $ 69 million, including the launch service, which will be managed by NASA’s launch services program at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. After the successful launch and triple landing of Falcon Heavy, SpaceX participates in DART and sees that its relationship with NASA evolves beyond its commercial missions of loading and replenishment in the ISS. As usual, Elon Musk shared his reaction in a tweet: “Thank you on behalf of the SpaceX team, we have ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ NASA!”

The next morning: ‘Star Wars’ and Coachella.

The first trailer for ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ has arrived.

A trailer for Star Wars: Episode 9 has arrived, along with some more details about the latest installment of the Skywalker series in a Star Wars Celebration panel in Chicago. Director JJ Abrams said The Rise of Skywalker began sometime after the events of The Last Jedi. He described it as “an adventure that the group continues together.”

Disney + will be the biggest competition that Netflix has seen since Amazon Prime. Beyond the name of the name, Disney has a lot of beloved characters, from Mickey Mouse to Anna and Elsa, to third-party studios, from Marvel to Lucasfilm, who have their own global fans. For most households, $ 7 a month will be enough for the budget, but what does this mean for Netflix?

Also, keep in mind that Disney told investors this week that they had committed to losing money at Disney + until 2024. Now, Netflix is ​​profitable and earned $ 133.9 million in the last quarter but it does not have the financial power to fight against Disney in a war of attrition.

Call it to the bat. SpaceX to help NASA’s first mission to redirect an asteroid

NASA chose SpaceX to participate in its first attempt to hijack an asteroid. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will be launched on a Falcon 9 rocket in June 2021 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its mission: to break a satellite in the small moon of the asteroid Didymos to make it fall from its orbit.

Call it to the bat. SpaceX to help NASA’s first mission to redirect an asteroid

NASA chose SpaceX to participate in its first attempt to hijack an asteroid. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will be launched on a Falcon 9 rocket in June 2021 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its mission: to break a satellite in the small moon of the asteroid Didymos to make it fall from its orbit.

As in the past, Coachella will broadcast some live performances on YouTube throughout the weekend. The first night is over (and if you’ve missed Childish Gambino, you’ve already listened to Childish Gambino), but artists like Tame Impala, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, YG, Kaytranada, Chvrches, Ariana Grande and many more are still in the Bridge Saturday and Thursday. Sunday night. If it is completely lost, this year, YouTube will also broadcast presentations of the second weekend of the event, but it seems that it could include a smaller selection of artists.

A strange hour for a joke. Oculus has joked about privacy within touch controllers.




Let there be light.

Like many other devices, the Kindle line follows the “good, better, better” marketing strategy. A few years ago, it meant making the difference between features such as a touch screen, better contrast on the screen and an indispensable front screen. Nowadays, the distinctions between Kindle models are more subtle. When Amazon recently announced that the “All-New Kindle” (basic model, which is neither Paperwhite nor Oasis) would be equipped with a front screen, the last big determining factor for the most basic electronic reader was finally dissolved (a waterproofing is a necessity). For less than 90 dollars (with “special offers”), there is finally a Kindle capable of reading in the dark, with a touch screen and compatible with Audible via Bluetooth. I would bet that for a large part of Kindle readers, the reasons to spend more on a Paperwhite become more and more specific.



After years in the dark, the most affordable Kindle finally becomes a bright screen. This narrows the gap between Paperwhite and Paperwhite to the point of wanting to waterproof or store more to justify paying the higher price. The lower resolution screen will not please everyone, but most of your readings will probably never be noticed, making the All New Kindle attractive for breeders as well as newer eReaders.

The good news here is clearly this illuminated screen. There was a time when even the premium Kindle meant to reach the e-reader (I also loved the keyboard of my Kindle, but I also like to read the night). In fact, for about five years after the first, all Kindle owners were forced to squint when the lights went out, that is until Paperwhite arrived in 2012 with its four OF THE. Since then, these seers have probably been the main reason for switching from the budget model to Paperwhite.


Of course, that’s not all that’s new here. Amazon has given the latest Kindle a modest redesign, even though it’s mostly softer edges and a different embossed logo on the back. (There is no text “Amazon”, but the smile/arrow of the mark remain.) The camera is also a little smaller than the model it replaces, about 2mm (barely 1 / 8 inches) both in depth and in depth. width Despite the most elegant imprint, it gains a little in weight: 13 g extra, a little less than half an ounce. The difference in size is more noticeable when placed next to Paperwhite. In addition, I find that the proportion of bevels around the screen is less interesting in Paperwhite, but it is totally subjective.

The density of the screen remains the same as that of the previous model at 167 dpi, but the contrast is much better than in previous models. The electronic ink panel used is similar to the old Paperwhites(Electronic Ink Letter 1.2 for those who request it). Of course, the pixel density is lower (the current Paperwhite offers 300 dpi), but depending on what you like to read (or rather its graphics), I do not know how much it will matter.


When I compared the Home screens of a current Paperwhite with the All-New Kindle, the difference in quality is visible. The small pictures of the book covers show less detail on the new budget model than Paperwhite. Other warnings include the unloading of something and the appearance of a rotating circle in the corner; It’s a lot “softer” in the Paperwhite. But once you open a book on an entire page of text (that is, when you actually read), the difference in sharpness is less obvious. And since reading is mainly composed of text, this lower resolution will not bother you much, if at all.

Regarding this contrast, I almost believe that the cheapest Kindle goes with Paperwhite, although I always found that Paperwhite’s “white” looked more like “Paper, a little less gray”. I keep checking both sides by side on the same page of the same book, and although there is a difference, in my opinion, it’s not significant.


There are two things on the screen that excite me less. One of the most underrated aspects of the latest Paperwhite display is its alignment on the bevels. A small detail, but that avoids lint, dust and small hair is stuck on the edge where the screen meets the telescope. That said, I can see that some may think that a flat screen means it’s also easier to accidentally put your thumb on the screen, causing unwanted page changes. However, I have never had this problem, so the presence of a lint trap is a small grunt. Likewise, some may prefer physical page buttons, but these people have no chance here.

The other thing, based on my tests so far, is that I often have to touch twice to turn a page because my first attempt is not recognized. This could be the way I hold it or the slight change in weight and size, but I have noticed enough to mention it. Maybe the cause of the lack of muscle memory for the extra millimeters that my finger has to travel to reach the built-in screen? Hard to say.


The Paperwhite download screen has another practical purpose: waterproofing. This is not a feature shared with the new budget template. Waterproofing is really a good taste, but for the time I spend reading near the water, I can live without it. If it’s important to you, you’ll want Paperwhite, which has been waterproof since the last model released in November.

I am particularly interested in this Kindle because I have always opted for high-end models, mainly because of the front light. If I spend a lot of time with this in my hand, anything that improves the experience seems to be money well spent. However, I have never felt the need for Oasis, but it’s more than anything about the curious form factor. My wife has an older, basic Kindle with physical buttons and no LED screens. Her reading habits are different from mine and work for her, but I always find her a bit restrictive when I use her. More difficult to read in changing lighting conditions, and stitching text with a four-way button is just not fun.


The details could have detected that the screen of the All-New Kindle had only four LEDs, against five of Paperwhite. It is difficult to quantify the degree of difference, but when I tried several brightness settings in both (side by side), I did not detect any gaps in the light coverage, not even a big difference in brightness. Battery life does not seem to be affected either; After several hours of reading, I am still above 70%.

If you can live with a lower LED and a lower (but perfectly readable) text resolution without worrying about the lack of waterproofing, you might think it’s not part of the cake. And for most people, that’s probably the case. The only other important difference to note is that the All-New Kindle comes with only one storage option: 4GB. Paperwhite starts at 8GB, with an option to upgrade to 32GB. Again, this will not bother many people, because the average eBook does not take much space and reading takes time. Therefore, even with a dozen books stored, it’s probably good for a time.


But if you read long, graphically intense books and, of course, if you like Audible, this reduced amount of storage can begin to appear restrictive. In many ways, this is the new “big difference” between the low end and the Paperwhite. For those who rarely run the library on their Kindle, it’s not a problem, but for everyone else, it’s something to keep in mind.

The ignitions last a few years if you treat them well or do not leave them on planes. (I did it three times and now I count). So, for most people on an old Kindle, the moment is very interesting to perform the update. The gap between the All-New Kindle and Paperwhite has never been so low in terms of essential reading characteristics, while the price gap remains about the same.

There’s a reason I did not spend a lot of time comparing the previous generation’s basic Kindle to this one (the LED display makes that obvious). That’s if the all-new Kindle has to eat something from Paperwhite’s lunch, and I think it’s possible.


Of course, things get complicated with the prices of Amazon’s special offers. By choosing not to receive offers, the new Kindle reaches 110 USD, which allows you to be only 20 USD of Paperwhite (with offers). Then the real decision becomes an unwanted reaction during the announcement during your reading. For me: very.

However, it is highly likely that the all-new Kindle is the best option for most people. It is small, comfortable to hold, easy to read and now it is also ready for bed. It would be nice to have the ability to have more storage, without moving to Paperwhite, but I think Amazon needs to keep something for next time?

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I doubt to be tied to a long phone contract, but I do not like the idea of spending a lot of money in advance? Buying a used or refurbished model could be a good step.

With declining smartphone sales in the UK and technological breakthroughs between models every year, many consumers are starting to turn their backs on the traditional smartphone update cycle.

Consider the prices of modern phones, and you’ll understand why. The best part of the € 1,000 in advance will provide you with one of the newest models, but why pay for a new device slightly higher than your current phone? Why lock yourself in a two-year or three-year contract for a phone that could be worth six months?


Buying a used mobile phone may seem logical, but it’s important to understand exactly what you’re going for.

Still, do not know what you are looking for? Find a smartphone that suits you with our mobile phone reviews.

What is the difference between a used smartphone and a renewed smartphone?

It can be easy to confuse the two, but you must make key distinctions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


These phones will always be sold directly by a manufacturer, reseller or reseller.

They will look “like new” or will be sorted by quality (see below), so you know for sure under what conditions you will be before you buy it.


Prices will often be higher than the second-hand market, as professionals have examined the phones to ensure they are in good condition and in good physical condition.

Any guarantee is guaranteed as it is sold by a professional retailer.

Used or used.

Often, you will buy directly from your last owner, which means that transactions can be riskier.

It is likely that the warranty has expired because there is no renewal when a phone changes hands directly between owners.

You can get a good price because sellers may not know how much is worth a used phone. Online auctions often result in low final prices.

The phone may be visibly worn and not in its original packaging or with the appropriate accessories, such as a charger or headphones.

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refurbished phones


refurbished phones

Some used smartphone retailers have an evaluation system that allows potential buyers to know what level of quality they can expect from the phone. Although they vary from one trader to another, here is a general description of what you can expect:

Grade A

The phone is in a visibly flawless condition with no marks, scratches or marks on the outer case. It will come in its original box and (most likely) with all its original accessories. It’s the closest thing to buying new and it will cost more to reflect it

refurbished phones

Grade B

The helmet is used visibly, but any damage is purely aesthetic (so there are no cracks in the screen or broken buttons). He will always come in his original box and will probably have the original accessories. It could cost between £ 10 and £ 30 cheaper than a class A phone of the same model.

Grade C

Its wear will be heavier than that of a grade B unit, but it will still be in perfect working order. Again, it means an intact screen. You cannot get it in the original box and possibly not have the accessories that accompany it. It will probably be between £ 10 and £ 30 cheaper than a Grade B version of the same device.

‘By parts’ or ‘broken’

apple parts store uk

You will see many on online auction sites like eBay; Needless to say, but they should probably be avoided. Any phone that does not work as expected cannot be qualified and most people will simply try to sell them to third parties or someone willing to spend time and money to restore them.

Even with these qualifications in mind, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying with used or refurbished phones. Look for additional details in the list of products to understand the details of any problems that a phone may have.

refurbished phones

What kind of guarantee will I receive?

One of the great benefits of purchasing a new phone, either directly or through a contract, is that you get the standard warranty from the manufacturer and retailer. When you buy a second hand or get repaired, things can work a little differently.

If you buy prepackaged or used at a retailer.

If you buy a used phone or restore it at a retailer (such as Apple or CeX), your consumer rights are very similar to those of a new phone.

You benefit from any type of standard warranty offered by the retailer, as well as the basic protection of the Consumer Rights Act of 2015. You have 30 days to refuse if the phone does not match the description, if it is suitable for that purpose or if it is of satisfactory quality. If you discover a fault during the first six months, it is up to the retailer to prove that it was not at the point of sale.

refurbished phones

It may also be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. For example, if you buy a Samsung 2017 phone with a two-year warranty, you’ll be covered until 2019, even if it’s your second owner. The manufacturer’s warranties are not renewed when the item changes hands.

If you buy used from a private seller.

Buying from a private seller (like eBay, for example) leaves you less protected. The manufacturer’s warranty always applies, as stated above, but your rights as a consumer are slightly different.

The item you receive must remain the one described by the seller; therefore, a phone that appears as “new”, for example, must be really unused. The seller does not have to disclose the defects, but he is also not allowed to misrepresent them. This creates a thin line: a phone that does not turn on cannot appear as “running”, but it does not have to be in the “do not work” list. Always be sure to ask the seller if you have any questions.

As the Consumer Rights Act 2015 does not protect you, the six-month response time does not apply.

Where can I buy a used phone?

 used phone

There are many ways to get a good price on your next phone without taking risks or compromising quality. Here are some of our best options to consider before making a purchase:


Cellar phone





Samsung Outlet

In addition, most major UK networks will also have agreements with renewed phones, although this is linked to a contract with this network.

What problems should I consider when buying a used mobile phone?

refurbished phones

Even with the best of intentions, things can go wrong when you buy something secondhand. Here is a list of the most common issues to consider:

Insufficient battery life: smartphone batteries have a remarkably short life span. Unless the used unit you buy has a new battery, it is unlikely to have a maximum life, even if it is in perfect working order.

Defective Charging Port: There are not many points of wear on a smartphone, but the charge port is often the first to disappear. Do not be surprised if the connection may be questionable and be sure to clean it to remove lint and dirt that may have accumulated.

used mobile phone

Defective Buttons: The only physical parts that move on a smartphone (things like the volume control on a Galaxy S device or the start button on older iPhones) lose that sharp, fast feel after a while. Although this is a pity, it can become a real problem if these buttons stop working completely.

Missing Accessories: Be sure to check with the retailer or retailer that the headset you are looking at is supplied with a charging cable, AC adapter, and other accessories that are normally supplied, such as headphones. If you have managed to accumulate cables over the years, this may not be so important. In addition, the idea of using another person’s in-ear hearing aids is not the most appealing.

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buy refurbished cell phones wholesale


buy refurbished cell phones wholesale

The Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has launched its latest mid-range smartphone, Vivo V15 Pro, in India for 28,990 rupees.

Nipun Marya, director of Live Branding Strategy India, confirmed that this launch in India was the worldwide launch of the smartphone. The new device features seven updates from its predecessor Vivo V11 Pro: camera sensor, rear camera, front camera, monitor, ROM, processor, and on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Ankit Malhotra, Vivo India’s product manager, said the new device combines the best innovations. It comes with slim, no-nicks and UltraView Full-Screen 6.39-inch frames.

buy refurbished cell phones wholesale

Malhotra said the creation of the world’s first 32-megapixel pop-up video camera was an essential part. “We hide the camera behind the screen so as not to occupy valuable space and show it when necessary,” he added.

The pop-up window has been used 3,000,000 times. In other words, if you make 100 selfies a day, the pop-up function can work without problems for 8 years.

Super Night mode clicks on beautiful and bright images. The camera gives superb clarity even in daylight. At present, India has 215 million mobile players and industry revenues are expected to reach $ 1 billion. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor offers three aspects to the new smartphone: camera, artificial intelligence, and games. With modes such as Dual-Turbo and e-Sport, the device offers an ultra-fluid experience to mobile players.


buy refurbished cell phones wholesale

For selfie enthusiasts, Vivo V 15 Pro promises a 32-megapixel front-facing camera and a rear-facing AI-powered triple-feed camera configuration, including a 48-megapixel sensor. He will also have an on-screen fingerprint scanner at 28,990 rupees.

The smartphone should also have a 6.39-inch Ultra View Full HD + Super AMOLED screen with a Corning Gorilla glass coating.

The device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor with 6GB of RAM. In terms of storage, the smartphone will have an internal memory of 128 GB and a microSD card. Other features include a 3700 mAh battery with a dual engine for fast charging.

You can avail yourself of the functionality of an Apple Refurbished iPhone today. For further information and the best deals on the market, visit now for various kinds of retail and Refurbished Phones.