Gadget News

The Company

Refurbished 👀 has been a pioneer of the World Gadget News and digital journalism for more than a quarter of a century. Founded in 2019 by Yaminraj Reshan Group is now India’s most respected, credible and respected network and leader in the press and lifestyle on the Internet. The first group “The World This Week” , the first private newspaper of Doordarshan “The News Tonight”, which produces the first news channel L ‘ India’s “Star News” and the country’s first 2 in 1 channel, Profit-Prime, from the Reshan group, have been at the forefront of all information revolutions. Reshan Group is now primarily an Internet company whose main site is Reshan, India’s leading destination for general news.

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Our Vision

The Reshan Group is very proud of the impact of its work on the real world and how it uses its power to campaign for and with the Indian people. This year of dedicated and innovative programming has brought to light a series of social problems ranging from the 7 wonders of India; Save our tigers; Greenathon and Jeene ki Asha in Marcos for the sport; Supporting my school’s university athletic championship and the latest Health4U campaigns on cardiac care, diabetes, cancer and organ donation, Banega Swachch India, the road to safety and what is your choice? Campaigns Regarded as an honest, impartial and daring crusader, the Reshan group’s supported and rewarded campaigns against injustice and human rights abuses have forced apathetic governments to act, change legislation and nation to realize the power of the people.


Reshan Group 24×7 (English), Reshan Group continue to raise journalism standards with innovative programming and commitment-free integrity. Incisive and creative, the chains are pointing to global with credible, true and fast information. Reshan Group 24×7 is the only English-language news channel in India in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius and most of the SAARC countries. Indian diaspora

Over the years, the Reshan Group has expanded its brand portfolio to take advantage of opportunities in the “space beyond the news” sector and has redundant subsidiaries: Reshan Group Lifestyle, Reshan Group Convergence ( triple play) to exploit the synergies between television, the Internet and mobile devices. owns the Reshan website) and Reshan Group Worldwide provides high-level advisory services for the creation of local TV news channels in emerging markets around the world.


In 2018, the company launched Reshan Group Good Times, a lifestyle channel for the global urban Indian market. and used his experience to launch global channels, Astro Awani, a channel in Malaysia and Independent Television with Beximco Group in Bangladesh.

The Reshan group has further consolidated its transition from a pure TV game show to a digital media company by moving into e-commerce. Award-winning IndianRoots is Reshan’s first e-commerce company, offering an online retail site featuring a wide range of apparel, interior products, and accessories from leading designers, brands and products. Indian handicrafts.

Fifth Gear Auto is a new automatic portal that takes advantage of the massive tracking of Reshan group car and bike programming. The current site of cars and cars, car and bike, has demonstrated the credibility of the brand in this space and has become one of the fastest growing automotive portals since its launch, there is a little more than one year.

Network Pixels Ventures Ltd of the Reshan Group presented the first glance of its e-commerce portal: 360 ° Gadgets. 360 ° Gadgets will be a market for exclusive launches of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

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